From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Remodeling Ideas

From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Remodeling Ideas

4 Budget-Friendly Ways to Renovate Your Combined Laundry and Bathroom

Mila Legrand

Bathroom renovations can be very costly, and trying to renovate a combined laundry and bathroom is a challenging project to achieve on a budget. Check out these four budget-friendly tips to help you renovate your combined laundry and bathroom.

Give your appliances the perfect home

Finding the ideal location for your washing machine and clothes dryer will streamline the appearance of your combined bathroom and laundry space. To maximise bench space, place your dryer and front-loading washing machine underneath a benchtop. To hide your appliances away from view when not in use for an uncluttered appearance, consider installing a curtain or doors on the front of the benchtop, or stack your washer and dryer inside a cupboard. A great way to reduce the plumbing costs when renovating is to put the washing machine on the same wall as the existing plumbing, allowing for easy access to both water supply and waste disposal pipes.

Opt for a single sink

Rather than create two separate spaces in your combined laundry and bathroom, try to make the two cohabitate seamlessly by opting for a single sink set up. This way, you can save money by purchasing a deep ceramic sink that will suit all your bathroom needs while doubling as a laundry tub for hand-washing or cleaning jobs.

Provide plenty of storage

When combining two high-use spaces in your home, providing plenty of storage and bench area helps to keep the room organised, spacious and user-friendly. Instead of investing in expensive custom-made built in cupboards, consider installing open ready-made shelving, painted to suit your décor. Open shelving will encourage you to keep the space organised, while displaying some attractive ornaments or fresh flowers to help the room feel welcoming.

Offer several light options

As laundry and bathroom activities really require different lighting solutions, introducing a couple of different lights is a cheap and easy way to make the space function in a range of situations. Allow plenty of natural light during the day for laundry work; use simple ceiling down lights for general use such as shaving and make-up application; and include a mood lighting option to make your bathroom a relaxing spa space at night. This transition can easily be achieved by simply purchasing a cool, high wattage bulb for general lighting and a warm, low wattage bulb for mood lighting.

Contact your local professional remodelling contractor for all your bathroom and laundry renovation needs.


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