From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Remodeling Ideas

From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Remodeling Ideas

Bathroom Renovation Tips to Create a Cosy Atmosphere

Mila Legrand

Do you want to create a more comfortable bathroom during your renovation? A welcoming and inviting space will be a pleasure to relax in and unwind. Here are some tips for creating a cosy atmosphere. 


The lighting plays a prominent role in the ambience of the bathroom. A harsh overhead light might make it easier to see in the mirror, but it doesn't make for a relaxing space. You could fit dimmers, allowing you to adjust the brightness to create different moods. Task lighting around the mirror will allow for good grooming without taking over the room. To give you more options in light control, you could install wall sconces, which will also add a decorative element.


You can also use warm colours in the decor to generate a welcoming feeling. Use cream, beige or soft pastels rather than bright, jarring colours. Dark matte colours make a space feel more intimate; thus, you could fit dark greige floor tiles. Avoid a crisp, all-white bathroom if you want it to appear cosy.

Natural Substances

Installing stone or timber flooring will bring a sense of warmth and texture to the room. Both of these materials come in earthy, natural and comforting colours. Alternatively, use materials that mimic stone and wood, such as porcelain or vinyl. These other options are also easier to look after, not requiring regular sealing or oiling.


If you want a cosy experience, you need to incorporate comfortable places to bathe. A freestanding tub will create a focal point while adding a feeling of luxury. You can choose claw-foot models for a traditional aesthetic or simple rounded contours. If you don't have room for a tub, make the shower more spa-like by fitting a rainfall shower head.


Soft and fluffy towels add warmth to the decor, so rather than hiding your towels in a cabinet, arrange them on floating wall shelves, making them a design feature. You can easily update the look of the shelving with new towels in different colours. You can also connect heated towel rails to keep used towels warm and dry, thus reducing the dampness in the room.

Finishing Touches

Finishing touches such as decorative mirrors and artwork during your bathroom renovation can add visual interest and give the room a sense of depth. It will be easier to relax if you have beautiful things to look at and appreciate. You could also add pops of colour and scent with a vase of flowers or candles. 

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