From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Remodeling Ideas

From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Remodeling Ideas

Glass Versus Tile Splashback: Which One Suits Your Kitchen Better?

Mila Legrand

Keeping busy with indoor remodelling projects in your home during winter makes a lot of sense because no one wants to be outside working in the cold! Kitchen remodelling in particular not only enhances the enjoyment you get while cooking but it can also considerably add to the value of your home in the long term. Kitchen splashbacks need careful attention during the remodel process because of the amount of colour they add to the room. Splashbacks are popular in both glass and tile versions, so which one is going to suit your home best? These are the pros and cons of each.

Glass Splashbacks

Incorporating a glass splashback into your kitchen gives a more modern look than tile does. Glass also has the added benefit of being able to reflect light rays around the room, which can really brighten up a dull area. Glass is incredibly easy to keep clean as it just needs a regular wipe down with some Windex to clear away any grease or other cooking splatters.

The downside of a glass splashback is that it can be more expensive than tiles. A basic glass splashback purchased in a pre-determined pre-cut size starts at $10 per cm of length. Glass splashbacks also do not offer the range of colour or pattern that you can find when looking at kitchen tiles.

Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen tiles are versatile because of the massive variety of colour and design you can make using these little squares. Tiles are the cheaper option of these two choices and could cost as little as $200 to $300 (presuming you don't intend on choosing expensive exotic hand-painted tiles from Italy!)

One of the biggest annoyances about using tile is the grout. Grout can easily become stained by splattering fats, oils and pasta sauces while you are cooking. So, if you are fastidious about wanting to keep the grout looking pearly white, then choosing tiles for this area of the home is not wise. Additionally, because tiles are smaller, they can break more easily than a large expanse of glass. Too many cracked tiles can detract from the aesthetic appeal of a splashback.

Your remodelling contractor can show you examples of both glass and tile splashbacks to help you make your final decision. However, one thing is certain: If you want to keep your renovated kitchen looking fabulous during the years ahead, a splashback is the best way to go about protecting the wall behind your cooking area.


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