From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Remodeling Ideas

From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Remodeling Ideas

Installing a flat pack kitchen without losing your cool

Mila Legrand

Anyone who has tried to installed flatpack furniture knows how stressful it can be to get a piece installed quickly. It's even worse when you are working in a high use area of the house, such as a kitchen, and need to get it back in working condition as soon as possible. Here are some ideas to help make installing a kitchen flatpack easier. 

Keep measuring

The old saying for carpenters and tradespeople is to measure twice and cut once. Make sure that you are extremely confident of your measurements of the kitchen before you buy your flat pack kitchen as even being oversized by a few centimetres can make it impossible to install. It's also a good idea to make sure that the measurements are the same at roof height, bench height and ceiling height as, especially in older houses, it's possible to get expansion of wood and movement of foundations over time. This can mean that even though the room appears to be square, it's actually a little skewed in one or more dimensions or joins. 

Plan for it to take a few days

While it's tempting to get inspired from home renovation shows and think that you can get a kitchen installed in an afternoon, the truth is for most DIY-ers, a full kitchen installation can take a little longer. Plan ahead by moving a microwave and fridge to a different area or room and having some meals to reheat for a few days while you finalise the installation. If you feel stressed and are desperately trying to meet a deadline, it seems to become even easier to make mistakes and get yourself in all sorts of trouble with the installation. 

Consider hiring a professional

Even if you are used to building your own flatpack projects, it can be daunting to tackle a whole room such as the kitchen. If you have the money in the budget it can be well worth getting a professional installer in to make sure your flat pack kitchen gets in quickly and looks great. They are often much faster than amateurs as they have professional tools and loads of experience in installing kitchens. It can be a much lower stress option for everyone, and you can rest assured that it will end up looking as good as the brochure. 

By following these easy tips you'll have a kitchen that looks brand new before you it. 


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