From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Remodeling Ideas

From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Remodeling Ideas

How to Make a Basement More Livable

Mila Legrand

Many ideas can be implemented in order to make a basement more functional and livable. This article discusses some suggestions that you can implement during your next home renovation so that the basement becomes a more attractive and functional space within your home.

Pastel or Neutral Paint

Basements tend to be very dark because of their location. Your first task during the renovation should be to change the appearance of this space. Select a neutral or light-coloured paint, such as cream, for the basement walls. Such paint will reflect the light within the room and cause the space to look brighter. That brightness will make the basement more inviting to its users.

Divide It Into Sections

Different people use their basements for different purposes. For instance, one family may use it as an entertainment room while another family may wish to use it as a home office. Think about the specific purpose for which you would like to use your basement and divide it into sections in accordance with your purpose.

For instance, you can create a bar area in case you want to use the basement for entertaining guests. You can also buy special furniture and fittings for the entertainment system. Such organisation will increase the appeal and usefulness of that space in your home.

A Mini Bathroom

Include a bathroom in your budget as you plan to renovate the basement. You can install the basics, such as a small vanity, a shower and a toilet in that bathroom so that it is functional. This bathroom will come in handy when you decide to use it as a bedroom for a guest. It will also be helpful during peak hours when family members are preparing to leave for school or work. You should therefore not worry that the bathroom here will largely remain unused.


Pay close attention to the way the basement is lit. Invest in installing a window so that natural light can stream into the basement. You may also install recessed lights that you can dim when necessary. Such lights will help you to adjust the lighting depending on the atmosphere that you would like to create at different times.

There is no reason why someone should look at living in a basement as a source of shame. Implement the suggestions above as you renovate your basement and it will become a place where people are eager to spend their time.


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