From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Remodeling Ideas

From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Remodeling Ideas

How to Plan the Perfect Bathroom Renovation

Mila Legrand

If you're planning a major home renovation, you've got your work cut out. However, there are two rooms in particular that will certainly need your undivided attention, as they are "more technical" than the others and rely on their functionality. When it comes to the bathroom, specifically, you will need to plan carefully if you're going to end up with a perfect bathroom renovation, so what are some of the more important factors to take into account during the actual planning stage?

Clean Sheet

If you're renovating a much older home, it's probably best to start with a clean sheet of paper and get rid of all the old components. It's unlikely that the old design will stack up to modern requirements and the needs of your active family. However, you can usually keep the existing plumbing lines, which will save you a lot of time and money.

Primary or Guest?

Firstly, determine who will use this bathroom on a daily basis and whether it will be the primary bathroom for the house or act as a guest facility. This will determine, for example, whether you will need to add some additional storage space or whether you need to put in two sinks on a "his and her" basis.


Now it's time to get your ruler out and take some crucial measurements. Each particular component should be placed very precisely to give the room its full functionality and you can refer to some industry guidelines to help you place everything properly. For example, where do you place the toilet paper holder in relation to the toilet itself? How high should the towel bar be above the floor line?


Each bathroom will have a certain amount of tiles and certainly throughout each "splash zone." If you choose floor-to-ceiling, it's going to add to your budget but it means that you won't have any other areas that will require painting from time to time, or may not have to worry about skirting boards at the baseline. If you choose the tile design carefully, it can certainly make your new bathroom look up to date and very modern, but if you're going to lay the tiles yourself, make sure that you have the right tools (such as electric tile cutter) and that you measure carefully before you begin.

Colour Schemes

Usually, you will want one primary colour for the bathroom which should be neutral and calming, with another to complement it. You can then choose the accessories creatively (including the toothbrush holder, bath mats and towels, etc) to add that great, finishing touch.

Designing Your Masterpiece

If you feel that you need some professional advice so that you really make a statement with your new renovation, have a word with some remodelling contractors to help you get it right.


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