From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Remodeling Ideas

From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Remodeling Ideas

Tips for a bathroom renovation

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Many homeowners love the idea of a bathroom renovation to update it to match their current style and needs. The following tips will guide your bathroom renovation:

Planning and budgeting 

Before hiring a contractor, you should first lay out a plan by talking to every professional who will be involved in the improvement. This discussion can include fixtures and finishes that will give you a rough estimate of the renovation budget. A professional consultant will also offer advice on design ideas and possible vendors. As you set aside money for the budget, you should always add a contingency fee for any emergencies. You should know that a renovation takes anywhere between two weeks to three months. With this time frame in mind, you should avoid any delays unless financial problems occur. Any delays will only extend the completion date and cost more in the end.

Before hiring a contractor, you should get at least three quotes to help you decide on the most affordable price.

Bathroom layout

One way to save money on bathroom renovations is to maintain the existing design. This means keeping the plumbing system exactly where it is. Repositioning items such as bathtubs and toilets are costly and may cost more than your budget. For items such as toilets, you can consider replacing the toilet seat and lid as opposed to the whole toilet. These small changes will make the toilet look new and at a lower cost. While maintaining the existing layout, you can make upgrades to your shower or bathtub. Do you want multiple showerheads or heated floors? With a tight budget, you can allow yourself to splurge on one item to make it the focus of the room.


One aspect of bathroom renovation many homeowners forget is bathroom storage. You may need to store extra toiletries or extra supplies for guests, and you cannot do that without proper storage. If your bathroom has sufficient space, you can consider shelves or closet space. While moving walls is an expensive task, buying storage accessories that fit your style may be affordable. Open shelving especially can create the illusion of a bigger space. With the extra storage, you can display toiletries that no longer have to be locked away in closets. You should also consider in-shower storage for items such as body wash, shampoo, etc. Settling for plastic units may ruin the aesthetic of your bathroom. You can opt for ceramic shelves positioned in one corner of the shower.


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