From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Remodeling Ideas

From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Remodeling Ideas

Design Ideas To Make Your Kitchen Feel Bigger

Mila Legrand

If your kitchen is feeling cramped and crowded, you can remodel it in particular ways to give the impression of greater space. You don't need actually to push the walls further back. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Install Glass Cabinets

Break up the monotony of your upper cabinetry by installing glass-panelled doors. Being able to peer inside gives the impression that the walls are farther back, making the kitchen seem more spacious. The see-through panels add depth and dimension to the design, and they reflect light for a brighter ambience. If you want to block a direct inside view, install frosted glass, which will take the pressure off you to keep the contents spotlessly organised. You can reserve this treatment for selected feature cupboards; this will prevent too much extra detail.

Use A Light Colour Palette

For an airier feel, spread pale hues across the kitchen landscape. Off-whites, pale blues and neutral beiges bounce illumination, and extra light makes room proportions feel more generous.  By reducing contrast—with similar tones across all surfaces, floors, cupboards, bench and walls—you create a sense of expansion. Dark, contrasting elements, on the other hand, cut up a region into visual segments. 

Avoid Detail Design Elements

Remove clutter from the design, and keep surfaces clean and straightforward. On cabinetry, install minimal handles or handless doors. With numerous cupboards in a kitchen, this alone will reduce much fuss and detail. Take care with window coverings also. Select clean-lined blinds or shutters that match the wall to blend seamlessly into the background. To maintain the aesthetic, install a glass splashback, which you can back paint to blend with the wall and benchtop. Typically, only one to several large glass panels joins seamlessly; thus, you eliminate multiple crisscrossing grout lines in one foul swoop. 

Select Finer Furniture

Robust, heavy furniture can cramp a space, giving a crowded feel. To make your kitchen light and airy, go for streamlined tables, chairs and other furniture. Consider fine profile countertops, which contribute to a sense of airiness. Stick with the minimal theme with light fittings also; don't hang massive pendant lights overhead that take up air space. Another option is narrow profile appliances to save on storage space. Otherwise, conceal machines behind cabinetry doors when planning your kitchen renovations to maintain a consistent swathe of cupboards for a streamlined and spacious feel. This will contribute to the sense of a roomier kitchen.

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