From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Remodeling Ideas

From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Remodeling Ideas

Trends To Inspire Your Upcoming Ensuite Renovations

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Having an ensuite bathroom is undoubtedly a convenience that many homeowners want, yet it is still easy to view this space as solely utilitarian rather than as an extension of your living space. Hence, you may have not put in any effort into the décor or interior design of this space under the presumption that it is not worth the cost since you do not spend much time in this room. However, by investing in a remodel, you not only enhance its appeal but you make it more pleasant to be in, whether you want a spa experience or somewhere simply to relax and unwind after a long day. Furthermore, when done right, ensuite renovations can increase the value of your house dramatically! So where do you start? To help you transform this room into a designer living space, here are a couple of trends to inspire your upcoming ensuite renovations.

Minimalist interior décor

When some people hear the word minimalism, they automatically associate it with bare-bones decorating when in truth, this décor theme is much more intricate than that. In essence, minimalism requires one to exercise restraint when making their décor choices. Thus, you end up having to put in a considerable amount of thought into what you include in the space. For instance, rather than simply buying mass-produced storage solutions, you may want to invest in custom joinery that will be both stylish and functional. Additionally, making the most of lighting, both natural and artificial, in this room will help create an ethereal atmosphere. Consult with your remodelling contractor on how best to pare down while simultaneously creating an aesthetic that best suits you.

Multiple water features

If you have a flexible budget, you could deliberate on including one or more water features into your bathroom as these add Zen to the space. You can start with the shower by switching out the traditional showerhead for a rainfall showerhead. The drenching effect of a rain shower head coupled with its wider scope of coverage ensures maximum relaxation with each shower. Another water feature that will work wonders for your ensuite renovations is a waterfall wall. This type of wall accent creates a tranquil ambience while the muted splashes of water induce a calming effect when you are unwinding in your bathroom. And to ensure that nothing is obstructing the water features you have invested in, opt for frameless glass shower screens that will add that extra touch of luxury to your ensuite bathroom renovation.

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