From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Remodeling Ideas

From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Remodeling Ideas

Tips When Renovating a Small Kitchen to Make It Seem Larger

Mila Legrand

If you're renovating a small kitchen and want to create a sense of spaciousness, you'll need to make particular choices during the remodel. For ideas on how to make the space seem bigger, consider the following tips.

Pull Down a Wall

Pulling down a wall to create an open plan living space is one way to give the impression of a larger kitchen, even when the actual floor area remains the same. Merely being able to see further into another living space will make the kitchen feel more expansive and open.

Create Even Surfaces

If your kitchen walls have many uneven surfaces with things protruding such as cabinets, the overall space can feel smaller with the visual clutter caused by the wall line dipping and protruding. If you streamline the wall as much as possible, the kitchen can feel larger. For example, construct an even, neat wall of cabinetry in one spot, rather than having a bare wall section, cabinets, and empty wall area.

Install Glass Cabinetry

Installing cabinets with glass doors will allow you to see through to the wall behind, which will make the kitchen seem larger. Conversely, opaque doors bring the wall forward and block off this space from sight. To maintain the effect, only arrange simple, uncluttered displays in the cupboards. The illusion will be stronger with pale walls that tend to recede visually.

Fit a Pull-out Pantry

A pull-out pantry can fit into gaps between appliances and other compact spaces. Continuing from the floor to one or two metres tall, these pantries can offer a vast amount of storage space. They may be narrow from the front angle, but they often make up for this in depth and provide many extra handy shelves. By building them flush with the appliances, you'll maintain a streamlined effect and hide a vast wad of storage.

Establish Reflective Surfaces

If a room is brighter and better lit, it will tend to feel larger and more open. One way to increase the light flow is to install shiny surfaces such as stainless steel appliances. Other options include glossy porcelain tiles and polished natural stone countertops. 

Incorporate Low Contrast Colours

If you spread a jumble of colours around the space during your custom kitchen design, the effect can appear crammed and crowded, suggesting the space is too small to contain everything. Conversely, minimal colour contrasts will blend each surface. Your eye will flow seamlessly over the smooth continuous area without jarring contrasts that draw attention to transitions between surfaces. 

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