From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Remodeling Ideas

From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Remodeling Ideas

Optional Door Styles for Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Mila Legrand

You'll have a choice of door styles to consider when you fit bespoke cabinets for your kitchen, enjoying total design freedom. What style you select is dependent on the overall room aesthetic. Here's an overview of several cupboard options you might want to consider.

Shaker Doors

Shaker doors have a recessed centre panel with four raised slats forming a border around the edges. This subtle detailing gives the doors a two-dimensional feel. Their design, though, is simple rather than fussy, which lends them to diverse kitchen styles. For example, they work well in modern Scandi kitchens and classic and country decors.

Flat-panel doors

If you're designing a modern kitchen, flat panel or slab doors could be a better option. These have a smooth, uniform surface for an ultra-clean appearance. You can either add handles or leave them off. Without metal hardware pieces scattered over the cabinets, handless doors create a smooth facade. You could go for doors with a groove along the top or side that you use to access the cupboards. Another option is to have doors that open and close with a push, eliminating the need for handles. You could fit white doors in an all-white kitchen. Otherwise, install bright teal or cobalt cabinets to create colour blocking.

Beaded and V-groove Doors

You might use beadboard cabinet doors to create a rustic, classic, or transitional kitchen that blends old and new elements. These doors are made up of grooved vertical panels with a border. This vintage style is particularly at home with classic leadlight windows and wooden counters. Installing white doors will keep them from looking too cluttered.

A tongue and groove or v-groove door without the border frame is an offshoot of this style, giving a cleaner, more edgy look. Rather than classic white, you could fit muted blue or green v-groove doors in an industrial or coastal kitchen.

Raised Panel Doors

Raised panel doors are a more ornate variation of shaker designs. They feature a border and a raised centre panel with carved contours. Traditional, country and Hamptons kitchens, among others, benefit from these elegant, old-world doors. They're commonly found in heritage homes, either stained or painted.

Arched or cathedral doors are similar to raised panel doors, but instead of a rectangle, the top of the contouring produces an arch. You might paint them with a distressed vintage finish or stain them to show the original wood grain for an old-world country vibe. Your kitchen cabinet joinery professional can also offer other possibilities for less common door styles.


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